Doublelist Personals

Welcome to doublelist, the biggest new personals site for hooking up and getting laid.  Here on you'll find different personals sections for each city in the USA.  Once you are signed up you can create a profile and add an image, then login to your doublelist account.  After that you're free to post as many ads as you like so you can find casual encounters near you.

Doublelist Login and Signup

To create an account you just need to go to our sign up page and provide the following information.

  • login username
  • password
  • email

You'll be asked to agree to the tos which asks you to please refrain from posting nudes and naked pictures.  You can still post pictures, just keep things appropriate.

Another part of our terms of service requests that you don't post ads on doublelist for sex work or escort activities, these are against the law and is why craigslist personals was taken down, making ways for new alternatives like doublelist to even exist.

The final step is to verify your email.  This helps us cut down on spam and prevents fake accounts from posting annoying ads.  In addition to the email you'll also have to do a bit of phone verification which is an extra step to keep doublelist safe.

Creating your Ad

So now that you have a verified account you can make your first ad.  You need to choose your city and then select what category of people you want to hookup with, whether it's M4M or M4F, we have lots of different categories!  One of my favorite place to post is in doublelist dallas, so for this example i'll be using that section.

Next you need to add a title, image, and paragraph.  It's very similar to craigslist personals, if you have used personals before, and just want a CL personals replacement, then you will have a very easy time using doublelist.

For the headline don't get too sexual, try to keep it tame enough that it won't disturb people.  Vulgar language can get your ad banned, we want to keep the environment safe for everyone including retired sex workers.

For the image, you can show a little skin, but don't show too much.  If you're a guy try taking your shirt off and doing a sexy pose in front of the mirror to show what you got.

After posting your new doublelist personals ad, all you have to do is wait.  If you did a good job, you'll start gettin email notifications of people who want to hookup with you!  It's such a site like Craigslist Personals when you get down to it, we are the best alternative.

Double list USA locations

Double list is located in over 112 different cities.  Here is a complete list if you are looking for your city:

dallas, stl, raleigh, denver, okc, san diego, phoenix, philadelphia, tulsa, las vegas, houston, portland, albany, kansas city, miami, austin, seattle, nj, sf, nashville, pittsburgh, detroit, dc, san antonio, tucson, orlando, charlotte, and cleveland m4m doublelist.

Milwaukee casual encounter, nh, salt lake city, cincinnati, m4m baltimore, albuquerque, vt, sacramento, minneapolis, knoxville, chattanooga, new orleans, la, wichita, colorado springs, winston-salem, omaha, el paso, columbus, and honolulu doublelist.


Richmond, rochester ny, providence, springfield mo, maine, boise, buffalo, pensacola, mega louisville, victoria, lexington, memphis, edmonton, double list, orlando casual encounters, jacksonville fl, vancouver, brisbane, men seeking men sydney, puerto rico, columbia sc, ah madison, dayton, des moines, ottawa, melbourne, anchorage, bradford, bham, montreal, osaka kobe kyoto, classified ads detroit, classifieds des moines iowa, and doublelists tallahassee.

Other Sites Like Doublelist

Double list isn't the only new craiglist personals and backpage substitute to pop up since the FOSTA SESTA laws were passed.  There's been a slew of other new alternatives popping up.  Here are some of the big ones if you are looking for doublelist alternatives too.


This is another classifieds site like doublelist.  It's not quite as big, but it looks very similar.   If you enjoy personals then bedpage should be the next place you try out.  They are relaxed in their posting and have very few new rules compared to other sites.


This is another popular personals site I can recommend time and time again.  This website is very similar to us, and has a lot of places to post.